Java is an object-oriented programming language originally developed by Sun Microsystems.Java was originally developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems (which has since merge into Oracle Corporation). Java programs are platform independent which means they can be run on any operating system with any type of processor as long as the Java interpreter is available on that system.Java code that runs on one platform does not need to be recompiled to run on another platform, it’s called “write once, run anywhere” (WORA).

Types of Java Applications

  1. Web Application Java is used to create server-side web applications. Currently, servlet, jsp, struts, jsf etc. technologies are used.
  2. Standalone Application It is also known as desktop application or window-based application. An application that we need to install on every machine or server such as media player, antivirus etc. AWT and Swing are used in java for creating standalone applications.
  3. Enterprise Application An application that is distributed in nature, such as banking applications etc. It has the advantage of high level security, load balancing and clustering. In java, EJB is used for creating enterprise applications.
  4. Mobile Application Java is used to create application softwares for mobile devices. Currently Java ME is used for creating applications for small devices, and also Java is programming language for Google Android application development.

Summer & Winter Training on JAVA-JSP-J2EE


Fees:- 4 Weeks @ 5000 Only, 6 Weeks @ 7000 Only

Unit 1: Introduction Java

Unit 2: Java Language Fundamental

Unit 3: Oops Concepts

Unit 4: Exception Handling

Unit 5: Applet and Swing

Unit 6: Event Handling

Unit 7: JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)

Unit 8: Multi-Threading

Unit 9: File Handling (I/O Streams)

Fees:- 4 Weeks @ 8000 Only, 6 Weeks @ 10000 Only

Unit 1: Servlet Architecture

Unit 2: Understanding Servlet

Unit 3: Servlet with Cookie , Session

Unit 4: XML

Unit 5: Java API for XML Processing

Unit 6: Security

Unit 7: Internationalization

Unit 8: Jsp (Java Server Pages)

Unit 9: Jsp Fundamental

Unit 10: Jsp With Database Connectivity

Fees:- 4 Weeks @ 9000 Only, 6 Weeks @ 11000 Only


Unit 1: Oracle 10G

Unit 2: Introduction to Oracle Statement

Unit 3: MySql

Unit 4: Introduction to MySql Statement


Unit 1: Remote Method Invocation

Unit 2: Java Beans


Unit 1: JSF (Java Server Faces)

Unit 2: JSF With Primefaces 6.0

Unit 3: Hibernate Frameworks

Unit 4: Struts 2 Tutorial

Unit 5: Spring Framework Overview

Fees:-All Java Modules 6 Months @ 14000 Only

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